How do you want to contact us?

Think about this in advance. Or not. First of all, do you really want to contact us? If you decide that you still want to, then you might ask yourself "How do I do that?" Do I email? Do I call? Do I concentrate really hard to get to them with ESP? You decide.


To get Marci's email address, give her a call and she will probably give it to you.

Tell A Phone

To get Marci's telephone number, send her an email and maybe, just maybe, she'll reply with her number.

Fill Out A Form

We could make you fill out a long and involved form. It would include you giving us your bank account numbers, credit card numbers, pin numbers, passwords, your children's accounts and numbers, the make and model of your car(s) and where you keep the keys. We will think of more if needed.

OK, Try This!                            

  To send email to MARCI press her nose.
  Otherwise copy this:
  Call her at 305-407-4813


  To send email to DAVID poke him in the eye.
  Otherwise copy this:
  Call him at 305-432-6829