What or Who is David and Why are you here?

You know, lots of things happen in Key West. I am one of them.

Trust me, I have much to say and show you, right here. But not right now. Details available on request.
  I take lots of pictures. I'll show you a few.
  I fix people's problems with their computers. Networks, servers, software, hardware, wiring, WiFi and more. I can't   really show you that, but if you need help with your computers then give me a call!
  I do web sites, too. Like this one.
  I swing my machete at coconuts in the yard. I eat some, but very little of it. I process the rest into coconut oil. It feels   good on you as well as in you.

So for right now, just remember where this is.

Historically Speaking...

This space has been intentionally left with these words on it.