Welcome to Turkoise Keys...

We are two island kids, having lived in Key West for 25 years. On an island of misfit toys, we find we truly belong.

mARTci McGee?

Marci arrived in Key West in 1989 and fell in love with the colors and vibrancy of the island. She has pursued her love of color through painting on anything and everything. In 2013 she finally realized her biggest dream in becoming a partner at SoDu Gallery Her passion is hand painting silk. She is also a member of the "Tan Plan Walking Man" club, and an avid fan of "BigDayve's Pure Slut Coconut Oil."

David's Computer Works And So Should Yours.

David first came to Key West in 1986, but didn't leave the snow and cold of the Frozen North until 1993, for the sunshine and serenity of Key West. With over 35 years of computer experience, he is the genius of the family. Truly a renaissance man, David is also an avid photographer, "Tan Plan Walking Man" and creator of "BigDayve's Pure Slut Coconut Oil."

Pure Sluts and Other Oily Things

Marci and David do a variety of things - not just paint silk or program computers.
  For example, Marci also paints tuxedo shirts. What? Yes, those shirts have much more to offer than just ruffles and cufflinks.
  David takes lots of pictures around the island - people, other animals, plants, flowers, things. He also makes coconut oil only from coconuts that grow in our yard. It's really nice stuff, but is definitely non-virgin oil. Hence the name "Pure Slut.".