Pure Slut Coconut Oil...

What can I say? We hang out outside a lot and coconut oil is a great treatment for...never mind. It feels really good on our skin. For some reason, it looks good, too. Some people think that it's good for you to eat, too.

So I make the stuff. Well, the coconut palms actually make it. I just get it out of the coconut meat.
I'm gonna show you pictures of the process and you might look at them and you might wonder "Why is he doing that?" Life is full of wonders.

Something else

This column is here solely to make you read it. Now that you have read this, please go to the next column.

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This is kinda mostly, no, exactly the same as the previous column.


Are you serious? I get serious every once in a while. This may or may not be one of those times. For now, you just have to wonder.